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All of the country's early warning systems bar one go off, mistakenly suggesting a nuclear attack. When land is about to be sold, adjacent to the one that was not sounded, interested buyers...

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original title: Dressed to Kill

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller

duration: 51min

keywords: earlywarningsystem, train, trainstation, office, newyear'seveparty, handcuffs, costumeparty

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All of the country's early warning systems bar one go off, mistakenly suggesting a nuclear attack. When land is about to be sold, adjacent to the one that was not sounded, interested buyers are invited to a fancy dress party on board a train. Steed, dressed as a gambler, and Mrs. Gale, a monk - and later a highwaywoman - join the party, where they meet the likes of Robin Hood and Napoleon Bonaparte and have to decide which one is a killer and why? Somebody is trying to interfere with Britain's early warning radar; every radar station bar one reported that an attack was underway! That one is in Cornwall and, by no coincidence, Steed has an option to buy a plot of land overlooking the site. He has also been invited to a New Year's fancy dress party aboard a train. As the passengers board the train at Paddington they are divided; Steed is amongst those sent to the club car. As the train gets underway they enjoy themselves but one who tries to walk to the other end of the train is promptly knocked unconscious. The train then draws to a halt and those in the club car soon realise that the rest of the train has gone leaving them stranded at a disused station miles from anywhere. Things are no longer fun. As they talk it becomes apparent that each of them must attend a meeting the following day; a meeting concerning the purchase of land in the same area of Cornwall. Somebody clearly doesn't want them to be able to buy it. Soon one of their number is dead and a mysterious character wearing a robe and cowl is lurking around the station. As they realise one of their number is probably the killer paranoia starts to increase.

This is an impressive episode which early on reminded me of 'The Superlative Seven', one of my favourite episodes of the later Diana Rigg era. The central plot was interesting and the characters at the party suitably intriguing; especially when it became obvious that one of them was the perpetrator rather than a potential victim… which one was far from obvious. 'Robin Hood' was always fast to accuse others, but we'd seen him knocked out early on; 'Cat Girl' seemed a little too attracted to Steed; the 'Victorian Policeman' had a gun and anybody who dresses as Napoleon is suspicious! Not mentioning the robed figure. As the story progresses it seems that suspicion is being pointed at each of them. The reason the people have been brought together isn't immediately obvious but those paying attention will notice one mentioning plans to buy an old station in Cornwall. The cast do a fine job; most memorable being Leonard Rossiter's performance as 'Robin Hood' and Anneke Wills's 'Pussy Cat'… helped more than a little by her sexy costume! Her seductive behaviour towards Steed is a delight to watch. The story ultimately comes to a very satisfactory conclusion. Overall I'd say this is one of the best 'Cathy Gale' episodes that I've seen. "Dressed to Kill" was one of the last great Cathy Gale episodes, scripted in exciting fashion by Brian Clemens, soon to perform double duty as writer-producer for the next season with Diana Rigg. Steed is among seven people gathered together on a train for a New Year's Eve party, all dressed in different costumes, who become stranded at an abandoned railway station, targeted for their various plots of land near an early-warning radar facility. Many later episodes would borrow elements from this story, particularly "The Superlative Seven," whose twists and turns actually surpass those found here. Among the superlative cast, Richard Leech had previously appeared in "Traitor in Zebra," and Frank Maher had done "November Five," while John Junkin (soon to appear opposite The Beatles in 1964's "A Hard Day's Night") went on to do "Never, Never Say Die." Even with Leonard Rossiter and Alexander Davion also on hand, it's Anneke Wills ("The 50,000 Breakfast") who steals every scene as the Pussy Cat, complete with adorable ears and attractive tail, understandably taking an instant liking to Steed's cowboy garb ("careful, you'll make me purr!"), leading to a 'High Noon' showdown on the platform, with a little bit of help from a disguised Mrs. Gale, wielding a six shooter of her own. Lovely blonde Anneke Wills would soon marry future AVENGERS villain Michael Gough, lasting from 1965-1979.


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